The Mana Imbued

In the Beginning, there were Dragons.

They ruled the primeval world until they chose to abandon their charges and cross the treacherous mountains for what lay beyond. Nothing could fly as high as the Dragons who were able to cling to the mountain peaks and clamber over.

The valley was so wide the far side could not be seen and contained only small, furtive animals, insects and so very many trees. The Dragons, though mighty, were few and some were more creative than others. Their actions were not magic, not truly, but rather playing with the raw energy of the land that the Dragons could perceive and touch, but not yet control. The uncontrolled energies gave birth to new life. From the woods came first Fairiekind and then Elvenkind, and later, from the stone, emerged first Trollkind and then Dwarvenkind.

These firstborn were simple and pure, destined to become the gods of the generations that came later. Bloodlines diverged and eventually Elvenkind split into three, Trollkind into two. The Faeries speciated into a profusion of shapes. The Dwarves became the progenitors for all earthy and burrowing beings.

The Aevi divided into two courts: one to rule the night, one to celebrate the light. In each court are many families, all ruled by the dualistic King and Queen.