Welcome to Universe

At first, there is nothing. Slowly you become aware of your surroundings: a vast chamber, featureless and apparently endless with the only break in the monotony a single door, slightly ajar.

You get the impression of incompleteness, not just in the infinite emptiness of this space, but in yourself, as well. It is as if, like the room, you are unformed. You know it is possible to leave this place, but you are compelled by the slightly open portal. Drawing nearer, the door swings wide to reveal the splendor beyond.

Before you lies the gateway to another world. Sights and sounds pour in, overwhelming the senses in an indescribable cacophony. There is excitement and terror and sorrow and elation. Through the door is not just another world—it is worlds! What awaits the explorer cannot be known unless they take the first step beyond the portal. If you have the desire to explore, freely enter into a new reality...

Welcome to Super:Natural

This game is every person you will meet, the place in which you meet them, and even the individual you are about to become. Super:Natural is essentially about telling stories. Be they chronicles of mysticism, horror, or intrigue involving heroes, villains, or ordinary people desperately trying to cope with a world in which the impossible is commonplace, these tales may be as light-hearted, comical, fearsome, or electrifying as anything seen in a summer blockbuster or read in the latest bestseller. Super:Natural is about bringing to life a world that is not your own, and people you would not, or could not, meet in your everyday life. You may create an epic adventure and take an active role in this fictional world. At the heart of every tale is the character; the protagonist; the hero. In Super:Natural, that person is you, the player.

Super:Natural is exercise for the brain and fertile ground in which the imagination may bloom. Everyone is welcome here. The one and only prerequisite to play is a willingness to have fun. In fact, it is very likely you have already played. In youth it might have been called "make-believe" or "pretending" but, by any name, the game is the same.

While role-playing games are most certainly an escapist pastime, they are also cathartic. One may explore another world, doing and saying things that one simply may not in the course one's daily life without the risk of serious repercussions or violating the laws of physics. Certainly, the majority of people would not willingly risk life, limb, or liberty in the name of fun, but in Super:Natural the only real threat might be to one's pride. Fictional danger to imaginary persons is just plain fun.

Drama is the lifeblood of compelling fiction. It comes from risk, be it emotional, spiritual, or physical. If a hero never ran the risk of failing, their great deeds would lose much of their impact. Remember that this game is patterned after life, as all great fiction is, in that characters do not have "lives". Dead is dead. In some realities, it may be possible to raise the dead, and some characters may be very resilient, but, most of the time, death is the end. This is where role-playing comes into play. Certainly it will have no effect on real life if one's character is gunned down in a hail of bullets, but the effect upon one's character would be profound, to say the least.

Likewise, think not that simply because the game is not "real" that a character's actions have no consequence. A murder will be investigated and, if possible, punished. Strange behavior will be noticed and suspicious activities will likely be reported to the authorities. At the same time, just like in the real world, a character's every action, even the most mundane and seemingly trivial, will have an impact upon the world. Sometimes such effects may be beyond the grasp of the character involved, never realizing their own significance. As previously stated, all great fiction is rooted in reality, and those roots run deep.

Also, this is FREE.

Once again: Welcome.

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