The Third Paradigm

The Anvil of Creation

The Third Paradigm has shape as Man reckons (three dimensions: x, y, z) and it has, apparently, no end. This is the great void. Limbo, Purgatory... It has many names. All around is the great nothingness into which Universe was born, the canvas upon which everything is painted. Time does not flow here, does not exist and Oblivion is still virgin, unspoiled, blank. All who enter here are sucked instantaneously apart, yet nothing moves. It is an indescribable torment: exploding at the subatomic level, frozen at the moment of ultimate destruction, remaining horribly aware for eternity. The lone denizen is ensphered by the unwise and unwary whose hubris was to confront her and she forsook. They hang suspended in nothing, blinded for light does not exist and deaf for the only sound is the infinite scream that piles up around the Stigmatriarch's agony.

Alas, descriptions are wasted, for it is nothing.