The Sixth Paradigm


The hopes and dreams of the mortal worlds gave birth to the Sixth in a single night of sleep. The dreamworld has shape and time, spirit and belief (b). It is the spirit in all living things that molds the Sixth, will lending form to thought. In the Sol System, mortals who've laid sorry eyes on it have called it variously "darkworld" and the "land of the fair folk." All the horror and joy of life is on display here, every secret desire, every unvoiced sentiment. The Sixth Paradigm is the dwelling place of daydreams and bogers. Nova lies in the North, curved into the golden light of eternal Summer's sleepy afternoon. It is one of the most beautiful places in the known Paradigms, but is, like many beautiful things, quite hazardous to the health. In the South, moldering in forever night, lies Threshold. It is a city the size of a world, where every night haunting fear of all the dreams of life makes its home. Threshold is both emperor and empire, every stone the bones of a dream god, sinews of steel, blood of oil. Dreamlands are often gateways to deeper worlds and higher dimensions. The aptly-named Threshold and its bejeweled sister share close ties with both the mortal realms and those that seek to own them.