The Second Paradigm

The Firmament

The Second Paradigm bisects all reality. The second is a nigh-infinite plane, the Firmament, if one is comfortable with such literary devices. It and everything it contains can be measured in two directions: x and y. Where it divides the Universe and what, exactly, lies on either side is a point of great debate in the Higher Spheres. Those who would be experts claim every being passes once through the Second Paradigm during the course of its life — the effects of such transversal being the subject of even more heated debate amongst fledglings and ancients, betwixt order and chaos, over the possible ramifications and their meanings. The opposing argument is, of course, that the Second Paradigm forms the boundary of Universe, separating what is from what is not.

The debate will never be settled. Very little is, or can be, known about the Second Paradigm. It surely has what could be defined as a shape but no depth, and, in the absence of time, is as it has always been. Like the First and Third, the Second is an eternal mystery the pondering of which gives rich food for thought but yields few reliable results. If it truly has a purpose, it is unknown to any that dwell in the Known Paradigms.