The Fourth Paradigm

The Land of the Dead

The Fourth Paradigm has space and, now, time (x, y, z, t). Things actually happen here, but they do so with neither passion nor rage, nor sympathy nor tears. There is no spirit in this place of memories and dust. It is truly but a pale reflection of life, etched into the canvas of the shadow realm. The spectral realm has shape and time, but no spirit, no soul. It is a land of the dead, yes, but there is more to it than that. There are many worlds in every Paradigm and the shadowed world of memories and dust is but one. The worlds here are marked by their lack of passion. There are no great deeds, no towering structures or monuments, no wars and no love. Time, here mixed with the fewest elements, is most structured in the Fourth. The chaos of the higher Paradigms prevents any certainty and lends the flow of Time a bit of elasticity. Every second may be felt here, a distinct passage of a moment. Were reality flexible at this level, the residents still do not possess the will to bend it. It is technically possible for mortals to survive in the spectral realm as long as sufficient provisions accompany them.

The Fourth and Fifth lie very close to one another in the scheme of things. They do not quite cross, speaking generally, but they can. Such places where the spectral world lies close give rise to haunts and night-terrors, but not the bogeyman or anything of the fanciful sort. The beings of the Fourth are reflections of the Fifth: memories, photographs. For a time they all watch their estranged existences move along without them and looking for a way back, never realizing that they are naught but smoke and mirrors. Some get wise and evolve, but most fade away when they are forgotten.