Technical Matrix, Inc.


It began with a dream, two small-time business men working out of a basement, playing the stock market. Slowly they built up the capital to move into other realms, producing music under the Thunder label, and beginning a publishing house for independent comics. At this early age, the company was known simply as Matrix, Ink. The popularity began a slow growth, as a technological branch developed. The business was moved to a studio apartment, with a total of 10 full-time employees and a handful of students from the local colleges.

As the world began to grow into the computer age, Robert Tasker came on board. He was a genius. He developed the first mainframe the company would use. While the larger companies began flooding the home PC market, Technical Matrix, Incorporated developed high end mainframe computers for office LANs. This was to be the corporation's cash cow. The co-presidents began selling stock in the upcoming business, and purchasing majority shares in other small businesses, eventually bringing them under the umbrella of TMI. Now a major player in the technological race, the corporation went through a rapid expansion period. Software, robotics, genetics, and personal computer arms of the corporation were established. The need to centralize led quickly to construction of a true Eighth Wonder of the World. It stands 1.5 times the height and twice the girth of the Willis Tower. The total cost of this massive construction project has never been released to the public.

TMI seems to own everything, but the company is quite benign.

Technical Matrix, Inc. is operated by a pair of co-presidents acting as heads of the Board of Directors. They oversee every detail between them that they possibly can. TMI does not run sweatshops, nor does it take advantage of under-developed countries. After moving into the home office in Empire City, many noted the absence of Robert Tasker at the dedication of the massive structure. It was later discovered that Tasker had left the company he had helped build for "personal reasons."

TMI stands at the forefront of nearly every technological realm, and has shaped Empire City in countless ways, putting billions of dollars into the city's schools and other institutions of learning, leading the way in environmental responsibility, employee safety, and assistance for those in true need.


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Comic Line – Matrix, Ink

Music Label – Thunder

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Power – Empire City Power