Founded in 1995 from the personal fortunes of the drug dealer James “Jimmy” Hayne. Originally a genuine attempt at legitimacy, the company began as a private security firm for good friends out in the espionage and counter-espionage markets. They started taking contracts from the United States government and, quietly, other governments.

Upon the death of president and CEO Jimmy Hayne, the company rapidly changed directions. It branched out into the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and were early adopters of the new roll interface technology developed by Robert Tasker.

ShadowCorp has been in a bidding war with Sine Technologic for years regarding the creation of an all-drone fighting force

ShadowCorp was one of the first companies to hire Supers as security forces and was the first company to hire out Supers for private security. This manner of business continues into the current day, seeing ShadowCorp continuing to lease out superpowers and superpeople.