Harvest, Inc.

Harvest, Inc. is a physical manifestation of the interests of the Grim Reaper. One would think that the personification of the end of all things would certainly be an extension of Mhr'Azakel, but not so. Death operates by their own laws as agent of the higher spheres and, perhaps, worlds beyond. The minions of Death are psychopomps and, as such, are some of the few beings capable of navigating the paths between worlds accessible through the Tower and occasionally by other means.

  • Mortimer Dust – His touch is death and his mind is bent just enough to not much care who he touches. His ancient, leathery features belie a speed and dexterity which no apparent nonagenarian should be capable.

  • Mr. Slab – He’s a construct, he’s a machine—a silencing engine. He possesses a personality, but his personality is that of a good soldier who does not question his orders. His cold grip is vice-like and the strength of his undead muscles seem to know no bounds.

  • Augustine Grim – He’s the chairman of the board. He is not a pacifist, but he prefers a more diplomatic method of negotiations than either the deranged Mr. Dust or the relentless Mr. Slab.

  • Mrs. Widow – She is a brilliant fighter, though neither as physically powerful as Mr. Slab nor as morbidly creative as Mr. Dust. Mrs. Widow is a very balanced threat and, as her apparent kinship with a deadly arachnid might suggest, she is quite capable of eliminating even beings much larger and more powerful than herself. She serves as the group’s assassin.