Go'fanna Hall

Go'fanna Hall, a dwarven clanhome, elected to remain in the Fifth. They will be the hall that sides with the Surhurae much, much later.

The dwarves of Go'fanna saw opportunity where the rest of the Aevi saw only inevitable destruction. As the "only" magical Kind left on Earth, they could command whatever price they wished for products of their smithing. As dwarven works were considered to be second to Valorin metalworking for millinea, Go'fanna clan elders embraced the chance to excel.

Go'fanna Hall exists beneath the Rocky Mountains, ample mineral deposits have, thus far, shielded the clanhome from satellite imaging. The dwarves have managed to infiltrate Human society since its inception. Such infiltrators make up an extreme minority, a fraction of a percent of the total population. There are, at any given time, less than a dozen per populated continent. They are always associated with industry or construction. Go'fanna clan elders have a treaty with the Dragon, occasionally performing services for the Great One in exchange for the opportunity to forge with dragon's breath.