Please Note

These powers are not ready for prime time and should be used only with a great deal of talking-it-over-with-the-Narrator until this section is updated to the new system.


The ability to step fully into one of the realities. A Dreamwalker possessing this Glint must first locate a weak point between realities and must face either East (to step to Earth) or West (to step into Darkworld) and spend a round concentrating. The Dreamwalker will shift on the following round. Those who practice Nightwalk are known as Noctambulists.


The Bonebreaking Dance, known as Aceldama to elders, is used as a combat skill. It allows the Dreamwalker to defy gravity, increase the power of strikes and perform other "impossible" combative feats. Once activated, 'Dance lasts until the end of combat. Both fleeing combat and chasing down a foe are considered to be combat. Those who practice Aceldama are known as Moriscos. Those who practice the 'Dance are known as Nightmares.


This Glint, known as Carapace to oldsters, allows a Dreamwalker to harden his flesh and bone. This short-lived transformation is accompanied by a distinctive "crackling" sound. Every level of Krackle adds one to D and one additional point of damage to unarmed attacks. Lasts a number of rounds equal to level in Krackle. Those who specialize in Carapace are known as Paladins. Those who specialize in Krackle are called Hardcases.

Low Definition (LowDef)

This Glint allows a Dreamwalker to dodge nearly any attack, as well as perform an Active Defense at any time the Glint is active. Acceleron, as the old ones call it, devotees are called Velocimen. Specialists in LowDef are often called, simply, LowDefs.

Special abilities:

  1. Rattletap - The Dreamwalker can move his or her hands with incredible speed, turning a simple rapid tap into a thunderfall of blows with enough combined force to crumble a concrete wall.

  2. Walk - Allows a Dreamwalker to move from point A to point B faster than the human eye can perceive or appear as a mere blur to creatures with more gifted eyesight. Dreamwalkers may Walk up to their Move for every point of Power spent.

  3. Quiver - Allows a Dreamwalker to dodge objects moving as fast as 400 fps. Using this ability gives a Dreamwalker a blurry, quivering appearance.

  4. Telegraph - The Dreamwalker using this ability begins moving so rapidly that he or she leaves "after-images" of all his or her movements. These "after-images" are semi-solid and follow each movement exactly. This LowDef ability may only be used in conjunction with 'Dance Level 4 or greater. Telegraph adds 4 points of damage to each strike as the "after-images" follow through.

  5. Quicksilver - The Dreamwalker who has attained this level of power can now move so quickly the he or she may dodge anything, blurring and bending like a reed in the wind around incoming strikes. A Dreamwalker using Quicksilver may Active Defend up to five times in a round with no penalties.


Allows two characters with this ability to build a telepathic bridge between them. This act must be voluntary on behalf of both parties. A character may only keep one Link at a time. Linked characters may only employ abilities that both share The old form of this power's name is Vincture and specialists are known as Commisures. Those who specialize in Link are known as Symbots.


  1. Shout - Linked characters may communicate in simple one- or two-word phrases.

  2. Banter - Allows linked characters to converse normally.

  3. Polaroid - Allows linked characters to transmit two-dimensional, static mental images.

  4. Beacon - This level lets two linked characters "home-in" on one another's exact position.

  5. Empath - Allows a partner to experience everything his or her linked partner does.


Dreamshaping allows a Hypnomancer to alter Darkworld reality at will. The Hypnomancer may make any change he or she pleases to inanimate objects with an approprate expenditure of concentration and Power. The area of effect increases by multiples of eight at each level. Changing animate objects requires an opposed roll.


The power of Tricksters, identical to the Dreamshaping save that Sleight affects only Earthly reality.