Power Themes

Power themes are like enhancements and power synergies, but they don’t add new abilities to your power suite. Instead, they color how your power presents itself. You might add an elemental effect to your power, or make it based on technology rather than on the superpower gene.

Because the actual effects of power themes are limited, you may purchase one for free. Each theme beyond the first added to a power costs one stunt. Like power synergies, each theme has a short list of enhancements, drawbacks, and collateral damage effects, which become available to purchase or select when you purchase the theme.

Miles imagines his speedy flyer moving like a bolt of lightning, so he takes the Electricity Projection theme. Now, whenever he flies or moves at super speeds, he generates sparks. He also picks up the Stunning Blow enhancement for Electricity Projection, which will make him slightly more valuable in a fight. Picking up the theme was free because it was his first. The enhancement cost his last free stunt, leaving him with three refresh.