Special Effects

Special Effects and Improved Special Effects

A special effect is an extra-special thing you can pull off when you succeed with style. Whenever you succeed with style on a roll that utilizes one of your powers, you can forgo the normal benefits of succeeding with style to add one of your special effects instead. You can also spend a fate point to add a special effect to any successful roll, even if you’ve already got a special effect attached to that action. Special effects always happen in addition to the normal effects of success.

Your power starts with two special effects. If you want more, you can buy them with a stunt or refresh; each stunt or refresh you spend gets you two more special effects. If you need special effects, use the following list. If our suggestions don’t suffice, you can create your own special effects using this list as a guideline.

  • Forced Movement: You move your target up to two zones.

  • Area Attack: Attack everyone in a zone.

  • Inflict Condition: You add an aspect to the target, which you can invoke once for free.

  • Extra Movement: You can move up to two zones for free.

  • Physical Recovery: You recover from all physical stress.

  • Mental Recovery: You recover from all mental stress.

  • Extra Action: You can split your shifts between two different yet related actions, adding a +1 to each action.

In addition, some powers have an improved special effect. An improved special effect works just like a special effect: you can use the effect when you succeed with style or spend a fate point while using your power. However, improved special effects are unique to their power and do bigger stuff than regular ones. The trade-off is that they’re more expensive: one stunt buys one improved special effect.

Miles really likes the look of the Bullrush improved special effect for Flight. He picks Physical Recovery and Inflict Condition as his two free special effects, and purchases Bullrush. He converts one refresh into a stunt, allowing him to purchase Bullrush. Now he’s down to two refresh and thinks he should stop there.