Cyborganically Enhanced Lifeforms

While not truly a race, Techs display common characteristics and share many of the same advantages and disadvantages. Grouping them under this heading is not appropriate, but it is convenient.

Kraken – Largest, FC, OW stan.

Dragon – FC, flight, OW stan.

Witch – PC, flight

Wraith – PC, flight

Zombie (Xombie?) – FC, the fate of every bad soldier

Hydra – FC

Medusa – PC

Gorgon – FC

Necromancer – PC, makes Zombies

Harpy – PC, flight


Kraken – HWP, Assault Tech

Dragon – Assault Tech, greatly feared

Angel – Light Tech, heavy weapons

Wraith – Stealth Tech

Zombie – Infantry

Hydra – Heavy Assault Tech, FC, multibond

Medusa – Medium Tech, heavy weapons

Gorgon – Heavy Tech, light weapons, heaviest armor in class

Necromancer – Light Tech, light weapons

Harpy – Heavy aerial assault Tech, medium weapons

Titan – Big.

Kraken Class – Max ht: 50 ft.

Max wt: 20 tons.

Standard equip – Omniweapon L2

Basic sensor package

Grasping hands

Heavy armor

Up to 3 heavy weapons

Up to 2 light weapons

Optional equip – Omniweapon L1-4

Advanced sensor package

EM shielding

Energy shields

Manipulating hands

Bulk plating

Other upgrades:



Interchange Joints

Jump Jets

Laser Blade






AI Assist