• Updated the homepage and added some buttons to the footer in order to promote the new Swag Store.


Updated the graphics on Kind, making the bottom of the page compliment but not quite reproduce the header.


Just a couple of minor corrections so far... might have to update this!

  • Void Magery still referenced the old name.

  • The Tower had a minor typo that completely changed the meaning of the sentence until you reach the end and go what? Fixed now.


  • Extras! Extras! Read all about 'em! Really it was a bit of text and a clean up, but there is a lot more work to do there. On the upside I did get Magery moved to Extras where it really belongs rather than its own top level category.

  • I changed the main navigation menu from transparent to black so that the relatively small text of the menu items stand out more clearly against the sometimes busy headers.

  • I rearranged quite a few things in the main navigation, primarily in Mechanics and Character.

  • Each Paradigm will now have its own organizations. There are just too many necessary levels there to be able to organize that any better at the moment. Only the Fifth has Organizations as of now and included there are only those of Earth.

  • Renamed the Phoenix page.

  • Reworked Aspects and Fate Points so that part flows more smoothly and is generally better organized. Less nesting.

  • Totally overhauled the Magery section partially to fix nesting under Extras and to reflect the evolution towards Fate compatibility.

  • Renamed a bunch of magic schools: Oblivion to Blight, Holy to Elysium, Infernal to Iniquian, Natural to Primordium, Psi to Psion, and Dark to Void.

  • Corrected spelling on Faeri, Draguri and Malchi to bring them in line with the rest of the Aevi.

  • Added a page for Pixi, though it's still pretty bare.

  • Removed Kind listing from Erth.

  • Renamed TMI to Technical Matrix, Inc., the full name.

  • Noted the navigation scheme on About. It makes sense to me, at least, and I hope others find it useful.

  • Added a table of contents to What's an RPG? to make the glossary easier to access.

  • Updated Licensing to reflect the art I'm using from other creators.

  • A whole bunch of pages got updated graphics, too many to list here, and I also shrank the heck out of some existing graphics that were unnecessarily huge and would take forever to load.

  • Updated Being the Narrator and moved the Narrator's fate point economy to their own page.

  • Added a new organization: Harvest, Inc., forces of the Grim Reaper in the Mortal Realm.

  • And, of course, last but certainly the absolutely most labor intensive part of this entire thing: Redid the whole bottom of the page navigation stuff! (Oh, my "Bob" why is that so difficult?!)


  • Updated What's An RPG? including changing its place in the navigation menu.

  • Updated Character by finally finalizing the fabulous Character Sheet! (For now.) I think I worked through 11 major iterations or so, along with a good deal of experimentation. I'm pretty pleased with it now after getting tab indexing set up more comfortably. If you didn't know, the Tab Index is the order in which focus jumps to next field when you hit the Tab key. I had to learn how to do that, of course. I'm glad I don't do this for any kind of "a living" because Scribus lacks polish in some areas, creature comforts being one of them.

  • Dressed up the Powers, Themes, Special Effects, and Drawbacks just a touch.

  • Added a word of warning to Glints.

  • Added a couple paragraphs to Approaches to better clarify the system. Simplicity is hard when you are used to complex. Freedom is confusing when you are used to limitation.

  • Did a tiny touch of typography on the Using Aspects page just to pretty it up a small amount and call attention to a vital detail.

  • Last and very most, the Power Catalog is now online!


  • Edited the homepage a bit. Mostly proofreading.

  • Rearranged About and did a touch of copy editing.

  • Rearranged Character so it flows correctly on smaller screens and did a bit more editing for clarity.

  • Removed the unintended formatting on the Licensing page.

  • Rearranged Mechanics so it should flow better on small screens and have the table of contents at the top of the page.

  • Removed duplicate text on Approaches that I felt were better served on the Character page. People should understand what those things are about during character creation.

  • Added a page to explain what this is all about to the uninitiated.

  • Added a page for Narrators.


2021-09-16 PM

  • Refined Types. I feel the tweaks better fit the concepts.

  • So much the navigation! I wonder if it is worth it...

  • Changed the header graphics on (hopefully) all Kinds to match the section header, at least for now.

  • Experimenting with a fillable PDF version of the Character Sheet.

  • Big reorganization of pages. Several items have been relocated where they better fit. Origins have been populated with pages that were once under the Anim. They are not species, but rather subspecies or modifications. This is all probably going to be reorganized more later.

  • Edited and rearranged Aspects and Fate Points. Added subpages and generally better organized things between character creation and mechanics.

  • Split off Using Aspects and Using Fate Points into their own pages.

  • Humankind has a page! ... with not a lot on it. But there will be! ... someday.

  • That might be everything? There was actually quite a bit, especially learning how to create a fillable PDF with Scribus today.


Because it's technically tomorrow!

Got a bit of editing done during an epic Stellaris session.

  • Really hammered Powers. Cut a bunch of lists of words and rearranged things. Chopped up the Powers page into more manageable bites.

  • Moved Glints under Themes, where it probably belongs, but it still requires translation to Fate Accelerated.

  • Moved Drawbacks under Powers, again, where it probably belongs. In this system, each power has a corresponding downside which is part of the reason you really only want one power that encompasses your character's whole deal.

  • Adjusted bottom of the page navigation yet again.

  • Added separate pages for Themes, Special Effects, and Collateral Damage and put them all under Powers, where they belong. They all still need a lot of love at the moment, however.

  • Updated the Roadmap.


Just a couple quick fixes.

  • Adjusted a sentence on the Necronites page regarding the Monks. It just read weird.

  • A couple of typos on Mechanics corrected.

  • Realized I was lacking bottom of the page navigation here in the About section, silly me, except one, which was still an outdated version.

  • Created a page for a Roadmap so that there is some clue as to where all this is headed... maybe.

2021-09-13 PM

My diligent editors discovered many issues!

  • "We'll talk about stunts in Stunts." Um, no, we won't. As much of the character creation text comes from the Fate SRD's, I missed some finer points as I worked up until the last possible moment this morning.

  • So, I updated the Character page, removing the header for the missing section that moved to its own page and put the Character Sheet link in the right place.

  • Updated Origin to be a slightly more attractive placeholder, which it still is.

  • Adjusted bottom of the page navigation on several pages.

And then new stuff!


  • Addition of the Unseelie Kindred holding pages.

  • Renamed the Bru'tuchk to be more in line with the rest of the Unseelie Fae. May end up reorganizing them by court. Possibility that the Draguskhan will end up having "light" and "dark" versions.

  • Updated bottom of page navigation in Kind to reflect reorganization.

  • Added table of contents to this page.

  • Removed the Jobs page, at least for now, as it's not really relevant at the moment with the change to the Fate system.

  • Completely rewrote the Character page to reflect the new system. More changes likely coming, but it's pretty solid at the moment.

  • Added a page for Type and Origin, though the latter is currently only placeholder.

  • The Type table leaves something to be desired, but it's the best option at the moment. I'll have to ponder on the problem to try to come up with something more elegant within the tight constraints of the site builder.

  • And put the Character Sheet online.


  • Minor edits to Timeline for Gaia. Mostly removing gendered language, some spelling and grammar, and a bit of retconning after reconsidering the origins of Aevi and Anim.

  • Added quite a bit more to the Aevi than the sentence fragment that was there before.


Okay, so this is my first changelog. Today I did everything and just magicked this site together wholecloth in an act of miraculous creation! No? Okay, I have some work done, quite a bit up to this point, and a lot left to go. I have so far not kept track of any of it, but here's what I did today, in no particular order:

  • Renamed Glamours (Bix powers) to Glints in light of Faerie magic typically being referred to with the former term and I'm going to be expanding on that later. No need for confusion at that time.

  • I think I got rid of the last "Race" reference by converting it to "Kind". I had been wanting a better word and "Kind" is what I picked.

  • I think I got the rest of the bottom of the page but not a footer set of buttons on each page to have proper navigation in a book-like form, a feature I really miss from Drupal.

  • I changed the graphics on Character and Mechanics.

  • I added a tiny bit of info on the Celestial Kindred.

  • I have recently updated the About and Licensing pages, but today was just some spellchecking and grammar.

  • I made a Changelog. Google sites is pretty violently opposed to creating links to pages upon which that link appears and I've yet to figure out a trick for that so I'm not linking that.

  • I gave a touch of definition to the Surhurae and renamed the "Tribe of Man" to more simply (and less problematic) the Tribe and fixed references here and there. I hope I got them all.

  • I added a touch of information about the Kek and their subspecies.

  • I think that's it for this morning.